Monday, June 27, 2011

Lazy Weekend Soup

Sometimes when I take on cooking projects they go nonstop until I'm tired and cranky and covered in flour or something. Sometimes they take shape slowly over the course of a weekend. This weekend was like that, and I will illustrate it here.


10:22: I am very, very deeply asleep and involved in a complicated dream with multiple plot lines when someone knocks loudly on my door to show my apartment. Oops. Moving on. Made eggs and bacon and a shopping list before starting the Quest for Local Tomatoes.

12:30: Arrived at 14th and U farmers' market. No tomatoes. Hopped on metro.

1:15: OMG it's the Eastern Market flea market day! I'll just wander for a few minutes.

2:30: Okay I'm back. Looking for tomatoes now. Found a monster one! Passed it by in favor of smaller ones that will roast in the same amount of time. Also got rosemary, basil, wine, radishes, blueberries, and some pottery. 

3:00: Back at apartment. Time to roast the tomatoes and do something about the fact that my apartment is filthy. Watch TV.

3:44 (sitcom episodes are 22 minutes only and therefore fit very well into the breaks you should always work in for yourself every weekend): Sliced tomatoes and crowded them into pan with unpeeled garlic, olive oil, and a sprinkle of salt. Put in oven. I also hung the herbs from my kitchen island so they could dry like they do in real people's kitchens. 

4:00: I should really clean my bathroom.

4:22: Actually cleaned bathroom.

4:45: Tomatoes are done! Left them out to cool. Took another break.

6:00: Sauteed herbs in olive oil to make herb oil.

6:15: My sister came down to visit! Had cocktails. Ate ALL the blueberries. The tomatoes were cool and the skins peeled off really easily. Squirting the roast garlic out of the skins is one of the best things ever and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

At this point, it's totally okay if you get distracted and leave the tomatoes in their pot overnight. 


10:09: I should really get up. Omelet. 

11:30: Pureed tomatoes. The recipe I was using didn't tell me to puree them until they were smooth but I like smooth tomato soup so I did. The next step was adding cream, but I don't have room in my fridge for my big stock pot and I didn't want to leave something with cream in it out all day so I didn't do that yet. 

11:45: Cleaned kitchen. Left all kitchen contents on floor while counters dried.

12:45: Gym and grocery run. You see, normal-people activities can also fit into weekend cooking projects. 

3:00: Returned. Put kitchen back together. Made bread dough. I wasn't able to incorporate quite all the flour into this. The dough is supposed to be sticky, so every time I kneaded it to stickyness I added a bit more flour and worked it in. Then I left the dough to rise in the bathroom (warmest place in my apartment). Then I took another break.

3:30: Dusted, vacuumed, mopped, showered. This only took about an hour.

5:45: Reformed bread dough into loafish shape and set to rise again.

6:00: Brad came over for dinner! Bearing tonic water. Cocktails. We baked the bread into a nice little round that looked nothing like the picture. I brushed it with my herb oil from the day before. When it baked it just had a sort of dimple in the middle instead of a doughnut kind of hole, but that was okay. It wasn't nearly as fluffy as I thought it should be but Brad thought the fluffiness was acceptable. 

When the tomato soup was simmering I added the cream, salted to taste, and kept it warm until the bread was ready. This is what it looked like:

We still don't know what the Uzbeks eat with their bread. 

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